IRIS At A Glance


IRIS was founded in 1991 by dr. Boenjamin Setiawan, Ph.D. and since its inception was a QAD distributor and implementer in Indonesia until now.   We are supporting local and multinational companies in Indonesia and since 2004 we also support clients in ASEAN region.

IRIS main solution is QAD Enterprise Application, we started our first MFG/PRO (before the solution name was changed to QAD application) implementation in 1991 with around 10 members back then.

IRIS ownership was transferred to PQM consulting in 1994.

In 2004 we added TailorPro® solution from ProStar, a non-intrusive customizations tools for QAD application, we see this as an important tool to avoid problems during version migration due to customizations in the standard programs.  We also started to use ARIS tools set®, a business process documentation and management, this was used to document client’s process model during implementation.

In 2004 we started our first international consulting work in Singapore, this first initiative was then expanded to Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and China.

In 2006 we developed a simplified QAD application programs to work in a barcode scanner handheld wireless device, this helps our clients to control and manage their inventory wirelessly in the warehouse and production area.

IRIS Consulting Asia Pte. Ltd. in Singapore was established in 2006, as a branch of PT. IRIS SISTEM INFORINDO Indonesia.

QAD Enterprise Edition (QAD EE) was first implemented in 2008 in one of our clients, this was a major effort to implement a future solution from QAD, and since then we have implemented QAD EE in more than 20 clients in Indonesia and ASEAN region, and Indonesia has currently the most QAD EE clients in this region after China.

In 2010 our first mobile solution was launched to enable our clients to access their QAD application remotely via mobile devices.

In 2014 we have 2 more solutions to complement our offering to our clients, Cyberquery® from Cyberscience, a business intelligence and reporting tools, and Flex-HR® from Visual Solution, a complete human resource solution package.

In 2015 there are 49 persons in IRIS, mostly consultants supporting our 70 clients in ASEAN region.

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