Case Studies

Discrete Products: Eaton Corporation

01 April 2015

“Today, we have everything running efficiently and have already started to see the benefits of using this system. We increased shipments 33 percent in just a few months.” (Duane Paul, Plant Manager, Eaton Corporation).

QAD Warehousing is fully integrated with QAD Enterprise Applications, eliminating the need for middleware and multiple interfaces, the Cleveland warehouse has both reduced its IT costs and improved the reliability of the entire system. “The transactional-level integration of QAD Warehousing with QAD Enterprise Applications gives us the increased reliability and throughput we need as opposed to the independent thirdparty solutions we’ve had to integrate in the past. There are no middleware issues that cause a WMS to get out of sync with the core manufacturing system. It’s all one system,” says Seeman. 
QAD solutions provide a level of visibility that has significantly enhanced customer service and inventory tracking. Now, service personnel and customers can track order status in real time, and redundant inquiries have been eliminated. Employees can use the system to track inventory in detail, throughout the warehouse. The enhanced control and continuous flow through the warehouse supports Eaton’s lean initiatives and maximizes use of employee time and floor space in the plant.
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