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Manufacturing ERP that Adapts as Your Business Evolves

Manufacturers need agility — to change processes, integrate acquisitions, meet customer requirements, introduce new products and comply with regulations. QAD adapts to any style of manufacturing and to the needs of all your geographic locations. Quality metrics, central model management and automated data collection ensure accurate, complete product and inventory information. Intuitive planning tools synchronize production to changing demand while built-in quality management helps you keep a sharp focus on excellence.

·         Run discrete, process, repetitive, lean or mixed-mode manufacturing

·         Simplify inventory processes and transactions

·         Simulate schedules with planner workbenches

·         Adopt built-in industry specific best practices

·         Support mass customization of products

·         Manage item quality inspections

·         Track and trace entire product genealogy

·         Use automated data collection

·         Run efficient warehouse operations

·         Plan preventive maintenance based on time or quantity completed

·         Manage MRO inventory

·         Increase forecast accuracy

·         Use flexible cost accounting with standard, actual and periodic methods

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08 August 2017

For most of us, new technology terms and the speed of technological changes around us are confusing, even scary, what impact can they bring to my job? to my company, to my future? but they cannot b…

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