IRIS Networking Conference 2017

08 August 2017

For most of us, new technology terms and the speed of technological changes around us are confusing, even scary, what impact can they bring to my job? to my company, to my future? but they cannot be ignored, because we know and we can feel that big changes are happening everywhere, at this moment.mThe world is connected in seconds, data, communication, transactions, news, all can move in the blink of an eye, between countries, in seconds.

But again, what impact can they bring to us? technologies like Internet of Things, Cloud, Manufacturing 4.0 are some of terms that we need to understand more, because we will or we are facing some of them right now, without realizing it.  Those are some of the topics that we will discuss in the upcoming IRIS Networking conference, technological changes that will or are happening around us, at this very moment.

IRIS Networking Conference 2017