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QAD Implementation

We do QAD SE and EE implementation, all modules in manufacturing, distribution and Finance.  With 20 years of experience we provide efficient business practices that are simple and easy to be implemented.  We start by providing to-be design using QAD’s process maps, application training, master data discussion, technical training, process simulation and post live support.

QAD additional module implementation

We also support additional modules implementation :

-          Fixed asset, Supplier/Customer schedule, Consignment inventory, etc.

-          Enterprise Asset Management

-          Customer Relationship Management

-          Qxtend

QAD version upgrade

QAD version upgrade, installation, data migration, for both SE and EE, for almost any version.

QAD additional report/program development

Additional program or report development using Progress programming, Reporting framework, or other programming languages to be linked to QAD application.

TailorPro for QAD program adjustments

A non-intrusive customization work for QAD standard transactions, without touching the source code using TailorPro.  Source codes remain standard and prevent problems during version upgrade.

QAD public/customized training

We provide training of QAD modules, public (regular) training or customized training according to client’s specific request, for all modules.

Cyberquery training and report development

Training for Cyberquery, a reporting and business intelligence tools for QAD, reports, data analysis development, HTML page linked with Cyberquery to provide QAD reports.

Flex-HR implementation

Implementation of Flex-HR, a Human resource information system from our partner, Visual Solution Sdn. Bhd.  We also work with PQM consulting in the implementation process to provide human resource best practices, KPI definition, etc.

IRIS Networking Conference 2017

08 August 2017

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